Welcome at PowerOval

PowerOval is a “Science Based Premium Non-Circular Chainring”, where, by means of computer modeling, has been looked for a chainring that combines a maximal crank power gain with a minimal peak-load on the knee and hip joints. PowerOval is the one-and-only scientifically developed non-circular chainring on the market. Efficiency gains are proven.

Scientifically proven

“Best performing non-circular chainring”

PowerOval® is the result of an optimization exercise carried out with our “torque-driven bicycle rider computer model”.

This mathematical model allows to identify a non-circular chainring configuration that:
for the same joint load as with a round chainring, generates maximal crank power gain,
– for the same crankpower as with a round chainring, results in minimal peak-load on knee and hip joint.

Who are we?

It all started 20 years ago

Lievin Malfait and Gilbert Storme, designers-developers of the PowerOval® non- circular chainwheel, are Belgian engineers, Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering. They combine an extensive background and in- depth knowledge of (bio-)mechanics, engineering, manufacturing, CAD design and mathematical modelling what enables them to create “Science Based Premium Non-Circular Chainrings” and other bike parts.


They are already convinced

PowerOval has been a great help in my career. Not only does it give me an advantage in racing, I’m convinced that I can push more crank power with less fatigue day after day, in training. This gives me a lot more consistency and big improvements over longer periods of time. During racing I don’t have to focus on my pedal stroke. I just have to push and my 54T PowerOval mono chainring does the rest. I can focus on other important aspects of the race. The PowerOval chainring is also favourable in the transition to run.

Elisabetta Curridori, Professional Triathlete, 4th on World Championship Long Distance 2021 Almere, Holland, 9th on World Championship PTO 2020, Daytona, USA, Winner of Challenge Lisbon and Challenge Riccione 2019, Italian Champion triathlon and duathlon 2018

“I’m riding already five years with PowerOval. As an engineer I’m always looking for maximum power gains. PowerOval chainrings improve pedal dynamics and reduce the negative effect of the dead spot in the pedaling cycle.

Brecht De Witte

Brecht, Cyclist

“I use the PowerOval on my time trial bike and regular race bike. Once you have the right cadence, the PowerOval ensures that you can easily stay in your rhythm.
Since riding with PowerOval, time trials has been much more pleasant.”

Sander Van Nieuwenhuyse

Sander, Triathlete