Sales – Distribution

Technical Support

Alphonse Vermote, a former young Elite professional cyclist, organises the Sales and Distribution of the PowerOval®. He is also in charge of the Technical Support and Customer Service.

Alphonse Vermote has among others a degree in bike-mechanics and bike-fitting. He is also a co-owner and a management team member of VITORI, a sports-medical-technical centre, located in Zwevegem (Belgium). Alphonse Vermote is the owner of the PowerOval® project.

Made in Flanders

“From concept to finished product”

The PowerOval® chainrings are manufactured by EMINEO, an innovative R&D and engineering company, located in Flanders (Belgium).

Emineo is our partner in our technological innovations from concept to production.

To support their engineering activities Emineo are equiped with state-of-the art CNC milling and turning facilities

The designers

Lievin Malfait and Gilbert Storme, designers-developers of the PowerOval non- circular chainwheel, are Belgian engineers, Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering. They combine an extensive background and in- depth knowledge of (bio-)mechanics, engineering, manufacturing, CAD design and mathematical modelling what enables them to create “Science Based Premium Non-Circular Chainrings” and other bike parts.

Malfait L., Storme G., and Derdeyn M. are the authors of scientific studies and publications about non-circular chainrings for cycling.

See “Science“, the reference list.

The PowerOval is a spin-off of their scientific work.